Struggle Wallet -- Project Goals & Ideas

Simple finance and budget tracking for people who don't use banks

        voice entry. Speak in a sentence to enter:

Income -] cash checks items invoices
Ex. Sold 20 dollars of broccoli (will add $20 to users struggle wallet)

Withdraw -] cash checks items bills
Ex. Paid 154 dollars and 12 cents to Xfinity (Will deduct $154.12 from users wallet)

Receipts -] ex. Walmart receipt 38 dollars and 29 cents (will deduct $38.29 from users wallet)

Program details: A money & budget 💰 tracking system with voice and text input

Make it so you can identify dollars by color in one safe
This way you can use one safe with a lump sum of money but identified by color enabling you to see what chunks of money are dedicated to a certain goal.

Goal Examples:
House Goals, Car Goals, Kids College, Vacation, Furniture, Date Nights, Christmas Photos, KennyWood, SandCastle, Pittsburgh Zoo

Identify Bills added to wallet to by category colors

Bills - RED
Income - Green
Groceries - Blue
Relaxation - Orange
Utilities - Brown
Vehicle - Grey
Eating Out - Pink
Rent - Teal

When categories are properly used during transaction input the system will identify each category by color which can later be used in graphs. (We don’t have graphs yet)

        Will need to expand the db schema to include new...columns to account for tracking transaction categories to transaction colors.

            Stuff To Complete:
                Category Color Tracking & Display
                    -> Wallet - Category Colors
                    -> Safe - Goal Colors

Ultimate Goal
Track and analyze all aspects of life to help people figure out how to be more successful and keep an eye on what happens to their bodies, mind, and lives based on their environment and events that have happened.

User with an average depression level of 7-10 logs a new job on their life tracker then updates their depression level to 2 out of 10 it can be assumed that the new job increased this users happiness.

Things like this that are tracked can be analyzed during days of depression and levels can be compared to see what may be the cause of depression.


A user is obese and trying to lose weight. The user has been keeping a log of what he's had for dinner so that he never eats the same thing twice in one month.

This data can also be compared to the users weight which has also been being tracked in the health tracker.

        With all of this information together a trend of food that is producing fat quicker than the users body can metabolise can be identified.
            You would compare weekly weekly weight gain with types of food eaten during the same time period.
        If this user worked out more than twice a month on average then you would compare their current workout schedule to see if they have made any changes.

Social Profiles
        Add profiles where users can be friends so that if they workout together they can track each others progress for some friendly competition.

Users should be able to add custom categories, goals, goal & category colors.

Users should be able to add multiple wallets & safes as well as share their wallet with a significant other / trusted friend.

Users should be able to share calendars
        send secure messages that never leave the server

Users should be able to create custom logging systems based of their own criteria. These logging systems can be shared with other users.
        Ex. A user wants to setup a logging system for a bowling league. The user would follow these steps
                                                                                1. Login to LifeLyzer
                                                                                2. Select Tools
                                                                                3. Select "Custom Logging Systems"
                                                                                    Required Data->
                                                                                        Logging System Name:
                                                                                        Logging Criteria (X: Names, Y: strikes, splits, gutters, frame scores)

Master System Name: LifeLyzer
        Domain Name:
            -> Network Systems
                -> Struggle Wallet (Track and Budgeting for people who don't use banks)
                -> Health Tracker (Weight / BMI, sickness, pain)
                    -> Carmen suggested we track BMI. We will create an automated system that calculates BMI
                    from user entered data (height & weight) --> Formula provided by:
                    -> We should also have a Body profile to track and report BMI, Weight, Height in addition to stomach, waist, and bust measurements
                    -> Menstrual Cycle and possibly ovulation
                -> Food Tracker (What was eaten)
                -> Fitness Tracker (What fitness things were accomplished: walking, running, jogging, lifting weights)
                -> Accomplishments (Kids, Jobs, Educational)
                -> Collaboration Services
                    -> Calendars
                    -> Messaging
                    -> Fitness Tracking (For healthy weight loss competition -- keep everyone on track)
                    -> Group Safe (ex. Group of friends plan a trip to Pittsugh --> The master account can enter transactions and
                        group members can see the total group safe value color coded by group members. Quickly see who has paid
                        their portion and who needs to pay up!) <--> Group Vacation Trip Fund
Custom colors from my family ->
      -> #9c32c7

      -> #9c32c7

      -> #1ee3fe

      -> #07fde7

      -> #001cd1